Carnivore – Good For Skin

I am so happy with my skin now!

There are many testimonies on the internet that people who tried the carnivore diet ended up having clear and glowing skin, and I am super happy to be one of them. Thank You, God!

One of the primary goals of Carnivore is to eliminate foods –especially sugar and processed foods — that cause autoimmune disorders and symptoms. These autoimmune disorders are usually caused by:

  • An unbalanced gut microbiome or leaky gut that allows undigested protein or food to enter the bloodstream, triggering inflammatory acne
  • Food intolerances or allergies that are difficult to pin down
  • Large hormonal changes due to pregnancy, stress, or general lifestyle changes

The ULTIMATE elimination diet where you get rid of 99% of foods that could be causing your symptoms. There are people out there who are intolerant, sensitive, or allergic to just about everything, including vegetables.

Not only is carnivore the ultimate elimination diet but you are only eating nutrient dense foods with high bioavailability — meaning that the nutrients packed in the food are easily absorbed by your body.

So back to the topic of clear and glowing skin. These nutrients are essential in helping you get clear skin:

  • calcium – tightens your pores
  • zinc – reduces excess sebum and prevents clogging of pores
  • copper – key component in collagen production
  • retinol (Vit. A) – promotes healthy cell regeneration and prevents premature aging and damage from the sun

In order for you to get these key nutrients, high priority must be given to animal fats and protein. Do not be afraid of eating FAT. Most especially, do not be afraid of saturated fat. 🙂

In addition to that, you must definitely avoid all vegetable oils. Better yet, ELIMINATE THEM COMPLETELY from your diet.

And of course, always remember to say NO to sugar and highly processed foods.

No foundation or powder whatsoever but I am wearing lipstick and fake lashes teehee

And if you want a reminder on how I looked like before starting the Carnivore Diet, embarrassingly, here it is!

The contrast is just super crazy for me.

I have more knowledge now on what foods affect me badly and what I can tolerate. I am looking to see how other foods affect me too but I am taking it slowly (as everyone should) and I will always look to the Carnivore WOE as my “home base” that I can always go back to whenever I have flare ups and/or breakouts.

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