1 Month Carnivore

Skin Update

I started Carnivore last February 8 because I felt like it was NECESSARY. I had to make myself feel better and healthy again despite our situation.

December 16, 2021. Supertyphoon Odette/Rai hit our home and the damages in and around our hometown are countless. This changed our lives completely and even brought an enormous change to our eating habits. Gasoline price went up after Odette — and with that everything else: prices for food went up including vegetables, spices, fruits and fish. Vegetables were even more expensive than meat. In effect, we had to choose satiating foods that would satisfy our big family and so our staple meal everyday is rice, eggs and dried fish. We would occasionally have meat and fish. With the vegetables being pricey and not looking fresh at all, we opted for meat and fish instead because they will fill us up more.

With all the stress with Odette, I did not even notice that I didn’t have my period. I just kept going with all the cleaning in the house.

The new year finally came and everything stayed the same. I already felt the stress taking a toll on my body as I felt weaker and more fatigued by the day. There were even moments when I would feel so exhausted just getting out of bed or to even look someone in the eye and have a conversation. This was something that really felt abnormal for me.

January 27, 2021. This was the day I realized that I skipped a period last December because of the pain I felt when I finally had it. It was the WORST experience I have ever had since the start of the pandemic. When my period started, I had the worst period pains ever: stomach cramps, low back pain and hip pain. I did yoga stretches to help relieve my pain but they never fully went away. Migraines also started on the first day of period and they lasted for a whole day even all the way at night. The migraines kept me up because it was so hard to sleep with a really bad headache. What was very alarming to me was that the migraines didn’t go away when my period was over. It stayed with me even all the way to my birthday on February 6.

I already knew that one of the main causes of my condition was because of lack of nutrition from just rice, eggs and dried fish. However, there was just not much I can do given the circumstances we were facing. It was when I focused on diet that I finally researched on how to be a carnivore. It occurred to me that there were people who only ate meat and still felt healthy and strong. I looked into it more through social media, books and online resources.

February 8, 2022. I adjusted my meals to follow the carnivore way of eating. I no longer had rice and added more meat and eggs into my diet. This sounded reasonable for me because almost everything was the same price with chicken, pork and beef and they were more satiating than vegetables and fruits. My meals filled me up easily and when I ate, I was never super hungry.

February 9, 2022. I already knew I looked awful by the way I was feeling. For sure, my hormones were out of whack because pimples showed up everywhere in my face and even on my back. My eyes also looked a lot puffier than usual. So, I decided to take a photo so I can see if there would be any progress since I have been hearing great stories about carnivore improving the skin.

February 9 photo

February 18, 2022. Ten days later, I was already feeling so much better from being carnivore. I was no longer feeling any fatigue, my migraines were completely gone and every night, I had a pretty long good sleep. I never woke up in the middle of the night. When I wake up in the morning, I was always feeling refreshed and never groggy. It was the complete opposite of what I was feeling last January. And lo and behold, there was already a huge improvement on my skin! All the bumps on my skin were flattening out and my skin started healing. I was super happy and looking forward to continue this way of eating.

I am still completely surprised at how carnivore healed me and still continues to heal me. I got my period again on the last week of February and it was very different to my last. I had NO PAIN at all– no low back pain, no hip pain and no migraines at all. I no longer experience fatigue and it is definitely a lot easier to get up in the morning and get moving. I have found that my energy is completely different– I feel light and energetic but at the same time relaxed and calm. I no longer get irritated by the smallest things and I have more patience now.

March 8, 2022. Exactly 4 weeks into carnivore and my skin has really really improved. Looking at my February 9 photo always brings me to tears because I will always remember how awful I felt — it really felt like I went through hell.

March 8, 2022

I am now one month into the diet and I feel like I am going to continue to explore carnivore. I am however going to incorporate dairy back since I haven’t had any ever since I started. I never even used butter the entire time.

Cheers to health and life!


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